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pressure washing jacksonville fl

Pressure Washing Jacksonville FL

By simply pressure washing Jacksonville FL homes you can add to or maintain the value of your home. This one project alone can easy to add 5 to 10 percent to the value of your home just by keeping the outside surfaces free from dirt and mold accumulation. Pressure washing Jacksonville homes can be one of the most budget friendly ways to revitalize the exterior surfaces and offers the best value and best bang for your buck.
When you have your sidewalks, home and driveway sparkling in the North Florida sun, your largest investment will maintain or even increase its value. In contrast, if your home is coated with mold, mildew, dirt or even exhaust deposits from nearby roads that will have the opposite effects on your home’s value. Over the last several years we have helped numerous homeowners like you to maintain the value and increase the curb appeal with safe, effective and low cost pressure washing and house wash services in the Jacksonville and Beaches areas.Pressure Washing Jacksonville FL

Maintenance Pressure Washing Jacksonville FL Pool Decks

Have a house with a pool? Then maintaining the pool deck around it is important not only from a visual standpoint, but for safety also. When mold and mildew are allowed to build up on these surfaces, they become a slip hazard unless removed periodically.
When it comes to the paint on your home, it is also important to keep it clean and free from foreign contaminates as they shorten the life span of your paint and just make it look bad in general. A complete paint job for the average 2000 square foot home costs north of $2000 when done by a professional. It would be in your best interest to allow the life span of the paint (usually at least 7 years) to reach its full potential.
Concrete surfaces can also be affected by the slipperiness of black mold accumulation, not only will those stained surfaces no longer be a hazard, they will also look and smell better. After a light rain next time go outside and have a sniff you will definitely smell the mildew in the air as it is “activated” by a little moisture. If you chose to have us do the pressure washing in Jacksonville FL on your home we will also take care of the driveway (up to 4 car spaces) for you at no extra change after we perform a low pressure house wash for you. Just that add-on service can save you upwards of $75 alone and we throw it in for FREE!

Below are a few reasons for pressure washing Jacksonville FL homes on an annual basis:
1. Everything around here gathers mold because of the high humidity.
2. Paint including body and trim will last longer and need less touch-ups.
3. Curb appeal is not just for trying to sell your home
4. Pressure washing a wooden deck will help preserve it as well as mildew actually “eats” the wood.
5. A separate process we use will remove those annoying rust stains on the walls from your sprinkler.

Exterior Pressure Washing Jacksonville FL

pressure washing jacksonvilleMany inexperienced fly by night companies still believe that when it comes to exterior house washing in Jacksonville, that more pressure = better results. I am here to tell you that this is simply not the case; we use an effective, safe and environmentally friendly process to ensure that your home comes clean while using the minimum pressure necessary.
Almost any surface around your home will benefit from a “soft wash” when properly performed, although concrete is the only surface which requires more pressure we still only use just enough to get the job done right with no damage to the scrim coat (the topmost layer of concrete that provides the smooth surface). When it is time to have the siding on your Jacksonville home cleaned no matter if it is stucco over wood or concrete, Texture-111 also known as T-111, Vinyl siding or even brick we have seen it all and will make it beautiful for you and look just like new.
It is always advisable to use caution when hiring someone to pressure wash your home. Many times, inexperienced persons will use WAY too much pressure resulting in eroded mortar between bricks, “fuzzy” wood occurs under too much pressure because the softwood is damaged. Other problems from wannabe pressure washing Jacksonville FL companies include blown out seals in double pane glass, stripped good paint from the home’s foundation and other areas.

Jacksonville Driveway and Sidewalk Cleaning

pressure washing jacksonvillePeople are almost always astounded when they see their driveways and sidewalks restored to their former glory and brightness. Using the right chemicals and techniques we can make these surfaces almost too bright sometimes, but do not worry the North Florida climate will get right back to work dulling these surfaces again. What may take the average homeowner with a pressure washer in Jacksonville a whole weekend (with often less than stellar results) we can take care of quickly and efficiently allowing you to concentrate on the more enjoyable things in life.

Pressure Washing Jacksonville FL Decks and Wood Care

If you have a deck made from pressure treated lumber, after a few years Mother Nature will begin the process of decaying even treated lumber. The first stage is the green mildew then the black slippery feel the deck will have from the morning dew or a rain storm. If you want these surface to last many years you need to have these foreign substances removed as a maintenance item on a yearly basis. We even offer a wood brightener that can be applied as an additional service to make that tired deck look like a youngster again.

pressure washing in jacksonville flIf you are hesitant to do these types of pressure washing Jacksonville fl homes, then please give us a call at Coastal Home Repairs for a free estimate today! If your driveway or sidewalk is slippery or black and you are looking to restore the beauty and safety we will be glad to come out and give you a FREE estimate.
In the Spring it is a great time to start pressure washing Jacksonville FL homes or businesses, perform exterior soft washing, concrete or driveway cleaning, deck cleaning or wood care in the Jacksonville area. It would be in your best interest to call Coastal Home Repairs as we will use the proper cleaners and the appropriate methods and the right pressures to make your old wood look like new for years to come.

Please give us a call at (904) 347-5176 to discuss how we can help you tackle  your handyman or to-do list today, or handle your pressure washing Jacksonville FL projects.