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Fence Repair Jacksonville Fl

Needing a fence repair Jacksonville Fl ? You are not alone, wooden fencing does not last forever even when installed professionally and correctly by licensed and insured professionals. Its not all that uncommon to need to have wooden pickets replaced due to splitting or warping. Over time the horizontal boards called fence rails will begin to sag from the weight of the pickets.

Even more common is a leaning post or two that has begun to rot away underground due to poor drainage around the base of the post. Fortunately for you we are in the business of fence repair Jacksonville Fl, and gates too and can have yours operating like new in no time.

fence repair jacksonville fl

Many times a wood fence in Jacksonville, FL can suffer from problems related to automobile accidents, rotting boards that are constantly wet, oftentimes damage occurs during that freak thunderstorm that packs and excessive gust of wind and blows over an already ailing post.

When pickets get jarred loose from a game of football in the backyard, or your dog or wild animal digging under the fence line they will become loose until they finally fall to the ground.

We can replace missing or damaged pickets with new treated ones to fix your fence quickly. In the North Florida area, high temperatures, exposure to direct sun, and excessive humidity in the summer months can cause various parts of your wooden fence to become warped or twisted.

This in turn causes the nails to loosen and causes premature failure and cracking in the wood. Broken boards happen for all sorts of reasons, the reason for the damage is usually not as important as having someone you can trust to call and get a quick estimate and or fence repair jacksonville fl so you can keep on enjoying your backyard paradise.

Wood Fence Repair Jacksonville FL

fence repair jacksonville flIn Jacksonville we have numerous wild animals from armadillos to feral cats who love to use your moist fertile backyard soil as a digging grounds for a bathroom or a dinner table. Keeping them out of your yard in the first place is the easiest way to deal with them and when you have broken or missing boards they will invite themselves in for a snack or potty break in the middle of the night.

When your fence looks like it needs a V8 (because it is leaning) this is usually due to one or more factors. Excessive wind loads on the fence, excessive moisture in the soil or even improper installation methods can all contribute to the early failure of a section or the entire fence in some cases.

When your wooden fence gets to this point there really is no security to that privacy fence in Jacksonville, FL or curb appeal added from a fence looking like that. We can diagnose and let you know what the best course of action will be, many times just replacing a few of the existing rotted wood posts will take care of the problem. If a new panel is needed we will handle that fence repair Jacksonville Fl too!

Rotted Post Repairs

Sometimes if the post is in fair condition but leaning it can sometimes have a rod or t post driven into the ground beside it, the attachment of the two pieces will allow more time until total replacement must take place in the future.

Even better is to dig out all around the offending wooden post and pour new/more concrete around it increasing the footer size. Rotted out posts are generally best to be completely replaced as they will only continue to deteriorate further and place more stress on the nearby post causing more damage in the long run.

fence repair jacksonville fl

Installed this on a clients corner lot

Gate latch problems are frequently encountered with wooden fences that have began to lean, sometimes it can be easily adjusted other times the hardware must be replaced if it has weakened or rusted away.

If the gate posts are not at least 4×6 inches and buried in concrete 36 inches in the ground, they are more prone to allow a sagging gate especially if the gate is over 3 feet wide.

Wooden Gate Repairs and Hinges

It never hurts to opt for heavy duty gate hinges as they are doing the majority of the work holding up that water logged gate day in and day out. when building the framing for the gates, no matter what type or size you will be building always brace the corners opposite of the gravitational pull on the gate.

Fence cleaning and repairs

Many times I have used the adjust-a-gate systems (pictured above with the grey steel framing) for my gates simply because they allow the gates to be adjusted in the event of a sagging problem in the future.

Also because they are made of powder coated metal they last a long time as long as long as they are installed correctly and maintained once in a while.

Simply give us a call @ (904)347-5176 for fence repair Jacksonville Fl and we’ll get your wooden fences and gates in tip top shape and ready for the long haul.


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